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Friday, October 2, 2015

The world hanging upside down

The world hanging upside down

Have you ever woken up with a warm feeling and then realized, with an awful remembrance that someone you loved has left you?   Congratulations, you are human.

Futures happen regardless.  Exits, entrances, voyages, passions, and discoveries.  Ah life.  It is good.  Would there be smiles if there were no comparisons?  Without a walk on the other side of the mirror there would be no savor. 

Tempting it is to write a wild and stormy story of 2015 and of my human experience out of the gates of the unknown after leaving traditional employment and feeling my way through the unknown, unpredictable world of sustainability and of the racing heart of a friend.  

Easy is not good and not instructive. (Although I wish deeply sometimes for it)   Challenge is the teacher and, oh boy, for me this has been a challenge.  Not a bad thing.  Maybe, after all, I will give in to the temptation and share the second chances with you, just not now.

The word flipped and hung upside down early in the year.  It was an hourglass flipping and full.  The glitter of the sand sometimes ran fast and often seemed like the next grain had personality, shy and hesitant, afraid to go from the possible to the present. Dreams come and go, hourglasses reset.   There are times when you only see the reflection when the light is low after all.

I had a dream.  I still do.  What I did was share that dream and dreamed better and harder.  We became a team of pieces all fitting together.  The puzzle was complete and then blew up leaving only the edges together.  It was put back together with excitement and the picture was different, then, again it would need a newer imagination and restoration.  

For now the story of life falling will wait until the story of landing on a feather bed feels like home again. 

As in the web of nature, the coexistence intrinsic to food forests, and permaculture, some things work and some are revealed to be futile.  Have you ever felt things should happen naturally and realized that very little, in the long run, just happens naturally? 

Congratulations again, you too are human.  We have that in common. 

I would like to thank everyone who reads this blog and follows Foxgreen Farm and jiovi agro-ecology TV on Facebook.  The latter two have, in recent months, the loudest instruments playing.  As the season winds down and transitions become less frequent, you will be hearing more from me here. 

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