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Friday, June 12, 2015

We Went Into the Woods By Choice

All is fine here in Seboeis Plantation.  Living life is coming together nicely.  The transitions both Craig and I have been making over the past few months have been time consuming and, at times, challenging.  All of those thing are not completely finished and we are continuing to work like madmen making all things awesome. We are ready to be rocked by the wind and the rain, the sun and the stars.  Now living in  one of the most beautiful places in Central Maine our excitement to be part of a community, so very unique in modern times, is very special.  The population is less than 50 here and we are the newest residents.  That may sound small to many readers, but I can tell you it is not at all and here is why.  Most people live in a far more populated environment, work hard, and may not even know the people in the apartment or home next door.  That is not true here.   Busy lives eat up living.  It is so easy to become consumed by the rolling stone that gathers the moss of too much consumerism.  Time spent commuting, (I was traveling 2.5 hours a day getting back and forth to work before leaving that job), as well as, all the other trappings of trying to maintain a "high" standard of living leave so little time to appreciate the minutes of the day.  15 years ago, when I first came to this area and had a piece of land to visit, one of the thoughts that came to mind after spending some time without television and spending time with nature was "People don't realize how much they give up to have so much!"  We are now working harder than ever but the "rat race is over".  
Crab Apple Blooming
Seboeis Plantation, Maine is having a 125th Anniversary Celebration.  On August 8th hundreds of people from the area will visit this unique place and share fun, friends, and food.  Foxgreen Farms and jiovi Seaberry will try it's best to be a friend and contributor to the event.

A very brief history of time in Seboeis Plantation, Maine

1890 - Plantation organized - $200 raised to build schoolhouse
1898 - Bear Bounty = $5.00
1913 - 54 horses and mules 
1914 - 63 horses and mules, 4 automobiles
1918 - Spanish Flu hit Seboeis Plantation
1920 - Population 83
1924 - Railroad Station and daily Stage coach to nearby town
1927 - Mules-9, Oxen-2, Sheep-1, Radio-1
1928 - Poultry-99, Horses-9,Cows-9,Farms-8,Cars-16.  Taxes exempt for Civil War Vets
1929 - Radios-5
1932 - Porcupine bounty $1.00
1935 - approx. 2 million board feet of lumber harvested
1936 - Radios- 8
1946 - Road to Seboeis asphalted
1952 - 21 Milk cows
1956 - 23 radios and television sets
1963 - 7570 domestic foul at the Maple Wood Poultry Co.
1991 - residents - 13
2001 - Fire truck donated by Charlton, Massachusetts
2009 - 23,117.9 acres of undeveloped land, 34 registered voters
2015 - population approx. 33
Late 1800's farmhouse in Seboeis Plantation
Same farmhouse as it appears today

A chance to win a handmade quilt.

Can you help support a unique and special place on our 125th Anniversary?  This quilt was handmade and donated to help defer some of the costs of the anniversary event.  Chances are 1.00/ticket or 5.00/6 tickets.

For more information visit  Link to Facebook Event Page

Next Post...... Seaberry Orchard update!
All the best to everyone! - Tom

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