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Monday, June 22, 2015

Days are Full

Craig At Foxgreen Farm's field edge

Transition Community

Transition communities are cooperative living areas, towns, hamlets, eco-villages or similar organisms of human environments.  There are economic realities involved with advancing the dream of such places.  Preparing the soil, planting the seeds, and hoping for a season of growth of such a dream takes work, patience, and some money too.  There is no finality but a sustainable endeavor which travels parallel to the seasons and regeneration of life.  Maybe this sounds forward thinking or new to some, but, just a short time ago it was the way of most people.  Here in Central Maine, where the woods and waters dominate, an exciting combination of love and fear has created a strong base of frontierism which hasn't been lost.  

Seaberry update:

The first spring after planting the 500 seaberry plants revealed an unexpected success with very few losses of the plants.  This year, the third year, the plants suffered more over the winter.  A large planting like this generally experiences a twenty five percent loss of plants.  Last winter was one of the most intense in many years here.  Snowfall exceeding seven feet on the ground and lasting well into April may have created a somewhat desperate period for the field mice near the seaberries (Hippophae rhamoides) and they girdled many of the plants.
 The good news is this experiment is progressing well.  Most plants are ok and the damaged ones will be replaced and the things we have learned attempting to grow them in the wilderness will give them a better chance than some of the pioneer plantings.  Another advantage is in the pursuit of a variety which is perfectly suited to ward off some of the most difficult environments and produce great berries.  We go on and forward.
3 yr old Hippophae rhamoides in Maine

Photo Gallery June 2015 at Foxgreen Farm (the edge of endless)


cabin from the vegetable garden

celery and various brassicas

mustard greens


Mountains and the morning sun



Red leaf Romain

Russian Comfrey 

Russian Comfrey

Scarlet Runner Beans

Tom and Riddick, end of day

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