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Thursday, May 7, 2015

We're Comin' Home

“If we surrendered
to earth's intelligence
we could rise up rooted, like trees.” 
Rainer Maria Rilke, Rilke's Book of Hours: Love Poems to God

Closer to the Dream - Deep Ecology, Deep Community, Deep Environment.

Oh where to start... In January we told of some wishes that were never better, dreams for us.   Some would certainly be the same as a few of yours and some would seem fun, yet a distant possibility. The stars have aligned and the earth continues to give us a feeling of all.

Some Things to Tell

We are still a fairly small operation.  A few years ago, just starting sales of plants and seeds, we were just beginning and were fortunate having a few customers.  Today we have moved ahead and hundreds of people have become Facebook friends, customers, and 150,000 have viewed this blog. This past winter in January I wrote "There's Never a Wish Better than This"  The wishes are coming true!  If you are newer to reading about us, let me share with you a few of the wings that have carried us to this ongoing journey. 


I am an old man of 54 :-) .  I have navigated life so far without another person to strengthen my world as if two were one.  What I am talking about, is that narrow, wide, and golden connection husbands and wives should have in turn.  That said, over the past couple of years I won 10 times the luck of an Irish Sweepstakes and enjoy and protect an epic friendship with a very special friend who helps paint the picture of my world.  
Where did this heart of mine grow from?  Where have the main feeder roots anchored to get me to this place today?  Here is part of the the foundation of how the light is shining today.  Most are old and below the frost line, not in the forefront, and have settled a bit.  There is so much more and I'm sure you understand these are only part of the why. 
At seventeen years old, my lights went out.  A terrible auto accident, for me, resulted in a brain injury.  It taught me the world is a perception, and that life is surprising fragile.  
A baby.  At twenty two my world changed with loving and the navigation of being a stand-in dad. For over a year, Mr. Mom was me and the universe was shining as bright as possible.  Then the little guy was gone.  Time heals slowly and the world gets back to a new place where belonging returns. 
Medical mistake.  All done.  Time to run?-No.  The medical people's best efforts told me I should have been gone long ago at age twenty three.  The black bird landed on my shoulder and there was nothing to be done, no treatment.  For 30 years that bird was on my shoulder and it died before I did. Died from waiting I think.  After 30 years a physician who actually paid attention in school informed me I never had any dreaded disease.  I had wondered why the years of monitoring never showed the expected falling to pieces and final break even time for me. Those years could have gone different ways. Choosing to think of it as an opportunity to live in the present, along with imagining a future where nobody died,  I'm alive somehow was the choice I made.  I needed the stars in the sky, the infinity of the wilderness, horizons, and the flame of compassion.  It was half a flame.  I could give it but couldn't accept it.  It risked hurting someone.  How could I let them in and then knowingly, premeditatedly cause the pain of loss for that person?  Sensible, understandable, logical, and I thought the right thing to do. It was the wrong decision.  That's all over now.  I don't miss the black birds and I smile when I hear them cry. 


Craig is extraordinary and exceptional.  His talent and skill is endless.  He has let life in, always hearing and seeing ways to create better lives for everyone around him.  He will tell you more himself someday.  I owe him an ocean of thanks.  Foxgreen Farms, jiovi, and all the future is connected to the work we are doing together and is only possible as an epic team.  

Real friendships among men are so rare
that when they occur they are famous.
- Clarence Day

Craig"s children are the soundtrack of his life and reminds me he is a man of no broken smiles.  He is home now and staying home.  

For both of us the skies aren't rough any longer.  The thoughts have turned to the earth.  We won't give up.  The world depends on life a new way.  Here, close to our home and your home we can all continue the example of many, and expand the knowledge of resilient living and sustainable agriculture.  Food and water precedes education and health.

We feel that much of the world's sorrow comes from people who do not have their basic needs met. If we decentralize our dependence in America, will the world follow and become a more peaceful place?  Yes.

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