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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Economy of Resilience - Live a new way - Editorial

A great economy

The modern concept and encouragement of "global economy" has persuasive arguments.  The more intertwined the economies of potential adversaries the less likely their interactions will turn combative.  Is Europe less likely to repeat it's long history of war in the region?  Will the United States, being the economic powerhouse of the word, be able to continue convincing it's consumers to send their money around the world to buy disposable and cheap consumer products?  Maybe but there is a movement to change that and more.  

The greater economy

Resilience and the building of this greater economy is possible for all. Possible through the application of basic Permaculture principles.  To begin with, waste does not exist…everything has a value.

In the greater economy of Foxgreen Farm, the soil is improved year after year.  The result is an opportunity to expand these benefits to the surrounding area.  Even a modest effort saves money and has far reaching value.  Less transportation of far-away products to us, and distribution of surplus to the surrounding area, the impact is magnified. 

Our modern culture invented waste as part of the economic model we follow in the west, it is fast encroaching on all other countries.

This was not how people lived before the 20th century. Read history…even the bed Shakespeare slept in formed part of the estate bequeathed in his will.  For that matter, his coat and garments also formed his estate! In other words, nothing was considered to be waste!

Lifestyle shift to consumerism has it's roots in the avalanche of media and advertising gilding the good life, one which emulates conspicuous consumerism combined with celebrity.  
Recent single day most popular searches on the internet were:
  • Student gored by bull 
  • Chelsea wild at Mardi Gras
  • Al Roker in S&M gear 
  • Apology for 'KKK' doughnuts
  • Amber: O.J. is Khloe's dad 
  • Jenner crash video reveal
  • 'Buffy' star arrested again 
  • Fighter fails drug test
  • Brando's ex-wife dies 
  • Comic's shocking appearance
  • 'SNL' star on absence 
  • Rape charge for 'Idol' reject
  • Loudest place in the US? 
  • Garner's stunning family
  • Groom beats bride 
  • Popular Latina star dies at 44
  • Mama June hit-and-run 
  • Brandi Glanville leaving?
  • Ex-NFLer’s son, 6, dies 
  • Bieber pelted with eggs
  • Selena's steamy pic 
  • Biden 'touchy' with Carter wife?
The news headlines always gravitate to this search data, believing it is what people want to know.  I'm not so sure that is true.  Ratings might increase by giving people what they want (according to the data) but where is the leadership?  Where is the effort and example to hold oneself (or company) to a higher level?  Wouldn't that be appreciated too?  I would like to think so but the evidence doesn't support it. PBS Newshour, the least "entertaining" but most densely packed and in-depth nightly network news has not increased it's viewership simply by offering a better news product. 

So the solution to so many things is in the problem.  Could the energy intensive economy be tamed with the right media focus?  I think it could.  It starts with sharing your experiences and continues with an effort to mobilize deliberate contacts with widely read news outlets.  That could certainly start with your local newspaper.  

Building resilience into one’s life is creating revolution against a system we know to be destroying the future.

We'll show the world they were wrong.

My feeling is what's old is new and most beneficial.  This, however, isn't a complete enough statement. For a species which is on a path to destroy their environment, another paradigm is critical.  How will we, as a species, fail?  There are a myriad of reasons and I will focus on the foundation of the problem.  In the 1970's the human population of the earth was 3 billion plus.  Now, 40 years later, we have doubled to over 7 billion.  There are limits and and the solutions are multiple.  Food is the foundation of our species survival.  Education follows and that leads to a mitigation of reliance on non-secular ghosts and far more realistic reliance on the real world.  Spell God, all day long if you wish, but she's a six letter word - Nature. (thanks Matt)
Sustainable farming and systems must expand and become the foundation for all development planning.  These systems are far more productive, soil preserving, and, when planned well, nearly free of waste.  
As we approach 14 billion people in the next 20 years, lets do everything we can to avoid the disastrous hell of the battles for territory in the name of a God, and the environmental nightmares by each of us learning and doing reliant, sustainable living and spreading the word as freely as possible. Humans faced with disaster are amazingly resourceful and, so far, able to survive.  
Back in the 70's again, a common phrase was "Save the Earth".  This, of course, is off the mark. The Earth isn't in danger, any effect we have on it will be easily corrected by Nature after we are gone from the planet with the ease of time unlimited.  

Let us survive as a species.

First, we need to internalize the fact that it is too late.  The train has left the station and we missed it.  We are doomed.  The undeveloped world knows this very well.  The developed world doesn't realize it yet and we are the engine for the changes needed.  Conscious, educated people are banding together in small and large groups to replace the "just in time" inventory system we rely on.  Such a system is so fragile a three week interruption in the supply chain and the collapse of  the western world as we know it will become painfully apparent.  

Live a new way.

Care for the earth. - Care for the soil, water, and forests.
Care for people - Community, kin, and self
Fair Share - Set limits on consumption and reproduction
Simplify - redistribute surplus, eliminate waste.
Be full of the spirit of life through Nature.
Empower yourself and others.
Believe Gods are simply debatable human philosophy and historically an epic fail. 
Believe Nature is the most instructive, reliable, and the "Spirit" hosting human's visit on Earth.

this story is full of beginnings and no endings

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