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How do I tell the difference between Male and Female Seabuckthorn Plants?

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If this sounds like a familiar topic, it may be because I wrote about it in April of 2010.  Link to that post.  There was some discussion.  Continuing the review of information about male and female Sea Buckthorn plants yielded only the most basic information.  Therefore, I thought it could use a bit more exploration.  Adding to the challenge, Sea Buckthorn flower photos are few and far between on the internet.  The ones which do appear almost never identify the sex of the flower. And, the most respected production publications hardly touch on the subject.  
I am always learning, so comments are very much encouraged.  
Pre-Bloom Male Flowers in Spring

From the production guide by Dr. Thomas S.C. Li found on the Research Page
The species is dioecious, the sex cannot be determined in the seed, or prior to 3-4 years of growth,....On fruiting plants, the ... buds are formed.  ... appearance, according to the gender... 
  • On male plants the buds are larger, more protruding and have 6-8 covering scales. 
  • On female plants the buds are smaller, more elongated on the branch,and have only two covering scales.  Very small yellowish pistolate flowers appear, usually before the leaves, late April to mid May.  
You may find a better description on the internet.  Unfortunately less informative Sea Buckthorn plant sex information is more widely available.

Enough background - Now to explore the question!
fig 1

fig 2
fig 3
Each one of these prints can be clicked on and enlarged greatly.  Open each in a new tab if you know how (right click>open in new tab).  I am going to compare the different artists' drawings of the male and female flowers.  This, I think, will help with the photo identifications of Sea Berry sex differences.

Male Sea Buckthorn Flower
  • fig 1 - drawing component 1
  • fig 2 - drawing component a (bud) and b (fully open)
  • fig 3 - drawing component  d and d
Female Sea Buckthorn Flower
  • fig 1 - drawing component 2
  • fig 2 - drawing component c and d 
  • fig 3 - drawing component e (individual oosphere w/pistil) b (female branch of multiple oospheres and pistils)



Sea Buckthorn / Sea Berry flower collections are just a little bit less rare now with these male and female buckthorn photographs.  This spring, if you have some additional Sea Buckthorn flower photographs to share please send them to the e-mail address in my profile.  Please identify the variety if possible.

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