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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sea Buckthorn Anti-Aging Study

7 Weeks to younger skin

In December of 2012, three researchers collaborated from two different countries to evaluate the anti-aging effects of Hippoohae rhamoides.  The results were impressive. 
They used a water and oil emulsion made from seabuckthorn fruit and applied it to test subjects for 7 weeks. 
The skin elasticity was evaluated using some fancy scientific equipment.  The most simple to describe - a test where a small round portion of skin was subjected to a specific negative pressure inside a tube.  Basically it was vacuumed into the tube slightly.  The amount of skin deformed was measured after the tube removed, the redness and recovery was also noted. 
In week 1 to 3 there was not a conclusive difference between the Hippophae application and the placebo.  I should mention the placebo was an equivalent water-in-oil cream preparation but lacked the Hippophae extract. 
In weeks 3-7 the differences became significant. The deformation of the skin from the tube test lessened much more than the placebo preparation.  This benefit began to level off approaching week 7 of the study.  
R0 is amount of skin deflection
The scientists attributed this to the free radical scavenging activity of Hippophae rhamnoides.  The natural anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, Flavonoides, Carotenes, and Tocopherols.

Bottom line is that skin mechanical properties were markedly improved with the addition of Sea Buckthorn to a skin cream.  You can read the full study here -

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