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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Permaculture as Soil Farming

At the very root, soil care is at the top of the list in permaculture systems.  In the video, it states over 2000 years is needed to create only 4 inches of soil.  My great Uncle Howard living in Norway, ME took me for a walk in the woods when I was very young.  We went up over a small ridge and on the other side was an expansive downward slope full of very large white pine trees all planted in neat rows.  These trees must have been over 50 years old.  On that walk, I remember two things.  One was that my grandfather an Uncle Howard, as children, planted those trees as seedlings.  The other thing was he told me it took 500 years to create 1 inch of soil.  That conversation happened nearly 50 years ago.  He was a smart man and I was very lucky to be in his company.  I will have to go back to that spot some day and see if those trees still exist.  If they do, they will be nearly 100 years old and I will be walking on a tenth of an inch more soil than the first walk over the hill with Uncle Howard.

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