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Monday, February 9, 2015

Community Lists Requirements It Wants Approved Before Supporting Maine North Woods National Park | National Parks Traveler

Taken in 2009 on a hike to the top of Mount Katahdin

Here in the Central Highlands of Maine and stretching to the North Pole there is mostly vast wilderness with the occasional small town.  These places have been home for generations of local residents.  Change doesn't come along often.  When it does, there is resistance. So it has been for the Maine Woods National Park proposal over the last decade or so.  One of the larger towns in the area has been a leader in the resistance movement.  I think the park would be good for the area and I always have.  But then, I am from "away" as they say here, and can see the advantages of the increased economic activity.

Chimney Pond at the base of 3 peaks in Central Maine

If the wood pulp and paper mills were still a vibrant industry, then maybe continuing to circle the wagons, protecting small town life, as it always has been, would be the best choice.  Without the mills in operation, the population is shrinking and younger people move away to find work.  .

Chimney Pond in the center left of the photo from the near the top

The article outlines the conditions the good people of the area will accept a dialog possibly making what could eventually be the largest National Park and/or National Forest in the country.  Very exciting on many levels.  It just may indicate the beginning of a diversification from the wood economy of the region.

Looking back at the "tableland" from the top of Mt. Katahdin

Both Craig and I welcome the opportunity to participate.  A sustainable, natural infrastructure of food production spreading across the area using permaculture techniques could be something that catches on.  When it does, the advantages economically, of local food would help the area.  For instance, why export money for orange juice when seaberries and an array of other great food can be grown right here!

One of the inspiring parts of the hike
We are challenged by this possibility and, honestly, it is this type of opportunity to make a difference that motivates and feeds our happiness, and propels us to share, and share some more.

No one lives forever, no matter how badly you may want to. The stories they will tell of you will be about the adventures you went through as you lived and breathed. They will recount your moral characteristics and will praise you for the way you treated others.

-Ernest Hemingway

Community Lists Requirements It Wants Approved Before Supporting Maine North Woods National Park | National Parks Traveler

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