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Friday, January 23, 2015

Updated Seabuckthorn Marinade and Other News

Sea Buckthorn Recipe idea
Marinade for Chicken, Pork, Salmon, Venison
One cup SEABUCKTHORN juice
One cup maple syrup, or honey
3/4 cup wine - choose depending on meat
1 teaspoon curry powder
1 teaspoon ginger
one half teaspoon cayenne pepper
one  teaspoon salt
one half teaspoon pepper

Update from the farm

Seabuckthorn orchard in lower field

There is only 6 more days to pre-order Seaberry plants.  Beginning in February orders will need to be paid in full.  I have enjoyed offering the pre-season sale reservation opportunity and over half the available plants have been reserved.  Thank you to all who have taken advantage of the convenience and certainty of availability.

There are currently about 500 seaberry plants in the photo.  This year is the year they will have been in the ground for 3 years.  I have great expectations and excitement to see them begin growing this spring.  In addition to our other plantings a major addition will be 500 more Seabuckthorn plants and about 100 Schisandra berry plants. The Schisandra (Chinese Magnolia Vine) will be in the back (furthest away) of the field since the morning sun takes a few hours to rise above the tree shadows in that spot.  Stay tuned to see the construction of a wine grape style trellis system for them to grow on.  What fun!

Seabuckthorn tea has been making gains in notoriety recently.  I have a couple of posts talking about it.  The first one was in 2011 and includes a method of lightly toasting the leaves to ad a flavor complexity.  The other one was in 2013 and describes in detail the valuable nutrients in the tea.  I am sure more will be identified as time passes.  One of the most interesting is the Ellagic Acid.  There is some evidence this powerful antioxidant may prevent carcinogens from binding to your DNA.  You body's cells are pre-programmed  to die and be replaced with new healthy cells.  Carcinogens can interrupt this process and uncontrolled growth is the result.  Ellagic Acid promotes the normal maturation of cells and their healthy replacement.  

It is late January now and there have been some significant changes.  I had planned to work a few more years before retiring after 30 year's with the same employer.  I changed my mind and retired from that occupation the beginning of 2014, in large part, to focus my efforts on this Seabuckthorn, permaculture, and agro-ecology experiment.  With Craig returning soon, there still has never been a wish better than this!

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