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Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Brunswick Grower Harvests First Crop of Sea Buckthorn

Chipman, New Brunswick

Along side the cranberry bogs and blueberry fields in Chipman, Beth Fowler and Clay Bartlett have taken a chance on Sea Buckthorn and have succeeded!  They had their first harvest this past fall.

photo by Beth Fowler

Chipman, NB in relation to Foxgreen Farm on the map

Play Radio Interview with Beth
Beth says she is very happy with the results and "have been quite successful so far".  Sea Buckthorn continues to be a trending food rich in Omega 3, Omega 7, vitamin C and 190 bioactive componants. Beth and her partner make juice, wine, chocolate covered candies and salsa.  They are also exploring the benefits of the leaves or "chaff".  (see leaf analysis)
Beth and Clay offer workshops at the orchard on how to use Sea Buckthorn.  The workshops are held at the orchard on their farm and their seaberries are available at a couple of local food stores in Frederiction, NB.
Beth's Sea Buckthorn Sorbet on top of some chocolate moose- Wow!

Good Luck Beth and Clay!


  1. Replies
    1. defiantly a field trip. Beth and Clay sound like great farmers and very innovative. Here is a little secret. Beth likes my recipe for Seabuckthorn Amaretto Cheesecake! :-)