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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More News - jiovi Seabuckthorn Orchard in Maine

Early Winter Storm- November 2014

The Seabuckthorn Orchard is beginning its second winter in Maine and is doing very well.  Nearly all the plants have survived and are thriving.  Last winter the mice girdled a few plants yet most which had that damage survived and either grew normally or sprouted from below the girdling area. 

Most snow melted from first storm

Male Seabuckthorn Plant in Early Winter
The picture here of a male Hippophae rhamoides shows the larger buds which (almost always) indicate the sex of the plant even if it has not yet reached the age of flowering.  This is less reliable the younger the plant but really is a good indicator a year before the first flowers emerge. The buds on the female plants are usually much less pronounced.  This can be seen in the following photo and the difference is fairly obvious.  

Chinese Magnolia Vine Update as soon as I can! -  Good News, the plants are now confirmed and will be available for shipment Mid-March!  

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  1. Great stuff man! It's going to be a very exciting spring and summer this coming year. I hope you are ready for all the hard work, fun projects, and positive things that they bring us. Miss ya my "Brother from another Mother."