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Friday, December 5, 2014

Chinese Magnolia Vine - SCHISANDRA CHINENSIS - FIVE FLAVOR BERRY Now available for sale!

Spicy, Bitter, Sweet, Sour, and Salty - The five flavor Berry

The berry of Schisandra chinensis owes its name Wu Wei Zi (five flavored berry) to the fact that it is sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent. 
Schisandra is the berry of a climbing vine native to northeast China and parts of Russia. It is cultivated in long rows, and harvest takes place at the end of July and the beginning of August. In the current climate of berry crazes, Schisandra berry holds a top spot in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its superior medicinal benefits.
Schisandra also offers special benefits for the mind. Several human studies show that Schisandra extract improves concentration, coordination and endurance. Schisandra helps to prevent mental fatigue and increases accuracy and quality of work. In various human clinical studies with doctors, students, soldiers and other groups, Schisandra demonstrated superior mind-sharpening powers.

Schisandra has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years. Despite this long history, Schisandra is still relatively unknown in the US. But due to its age-old use for enhancing vitality and its strong science base, Schisandra and its preparations should get a good market boost in the years ahead. Once people experience the mental and physical benefits of this super berry, they will want it as part of their health regimen.
You can of course grow your own . Just a few berries, fresh or dried, daily will be an important addition to your permaculture garden food and medicine growing efforts!

Purchase Chinese Magnolia Vine - Schisandra chinesis here - click
Plants are 2 year old seedlings, 6-12" and are grown from seed.  The seed is from Chinese origin, you can expect some genetic variability among the plants.
Plant Details:
 Regular Water
 Sun/Part Shade
 Lowest appropriate zone: -30ยบ F

Plants shipped March/April 2015

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