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Thursday, November 13, 2014

There are Places We Will Always Go

Quick Update on Foxgreen Farm, LLC

It has been a whirlwind of work here putting all the pieces together to bring our lives closer to a full endeavor focused on the farm, the woods, and sustainability in the wilderness of Maine.  Not unlike a starving artist or actor, diversification of operations on a farm is very essential.  Craig and I have been working on making it all happen.  An early winter storm nearly trapped us deep in the woods until spring.  We were able to chainsaw our way over the 6 miles of deep wood roads after many trees were weighed down so much they snapped and fell across the road.  Just a little more snow and the job would have taken days. 

Fun, Fun, Friends and Warmth in the Frigid Central Maine Highlands :-}

Like the stone carried on the river
Like the boat sailing on the sea
We keep on
We keep on

Plant update-  Pre-sales are brisk.  At this time there are a total of 2500 available and half have been pre-ordered.  So if you are wondering where to buy Sea Buckthorn plants for planting in the spring of 2015, we encourage you to reserve yours today.  

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