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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Even the Rhrong Words Seem to Rhyme

Can Permaculture stem radical extremism?

Something sparked my interest recently in a "new perspective" sort of way.  On the face of it, I'll admit this, at first, sounds a bit too far afield to be worth even a moment to consider.  After all- The problems are complicated, violent, and getting much worse.  Why?  Is it God, or Allah,who has the influence on  the desperate, deprived, and dying among us?  Or is it really and simply; food and water?

 Current Human Extremist Hotspots - Middle East / South Asia

Current Desertification of the Land- Middle East / South Asia

 The coincidence of inabilities of populations to be able to wake up everyday and have the possibility of making a better life for themselves and their families is a problem.  Food and water predicates education.  It is the foundation which everything good is built on.  These boys in Afghanistan were orphaned and are under the care of an organization which combines permaculture practice and education alongside attempting to provide the most basic requirements to sustain life. 
boys eating apples
Unfortunately, there are gods.  Christian, Muslim, etc., etc. They are still alive and still creating a mess all around the world.  Such an old and tired story.  Alive? Of course, right?  Gods are immortal and do not die. Not true, they expire when no one believes any longer.  There are hundreds of them.  Take a look at just the Greek funeral procession.  What happened to the Roman Gods?  The Romans increasingly became under the spell of some borrowed God who sounded like particularly bad news.  Worse, this Semantic deity was reputed to be jealous, vindictive, and altogether foul tempered.  If you didn't serve the nasty fellow, the Romans would burn your house down.  If you did serve him, you were called Christians and got to burn other people's houses down.  From Apollo to Vortumnus, the Roman Gods expired.  What would it take to banish today's frat house of Gods?  Maybe the answer is still having the ability to grab an apple off of a tree and bite into it.

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