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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Update to the Sailing Adventure of Fartbox and Sea Buckthorn Sailing

An update to everyone here at Foxgreen Farms. The sailing trip was cut a bit short but we are still on the water. Sailing from Block Island to the Cape Cod canal we lost the rudder while the wind was at our back under full sail. Some quick action bringing the sails down to prevent the boat from being blown over (no steering) and we were safe. Even so we were dead in the water. Engine worked but useless without steerage. With life vests on and help from the Coast Guard and Safe Sea we were towed about 7 miles back into shore and are now moored back in Newport RI. Luckily we have some wonderful friends there to help and the sailing will continue local to Newport over the next week. This has been the best time of my life even with the setbacks. The #1 great thing is being with my best buddy during these experiences and his children will be joining us shortly. For those of you who might be expecting updates on Agro-Ecology and Sea Buckthorn, they will resume shortly


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