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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) World News Now! Afghanistan/India/Germany

A letter from Craig:

Every time I hear from Craig it means he is ok and safe.  This letter is meant for you all too!


A Note From Afghanistan

My best buddy Tom, Foxgreen Farm, and Friends,

     Hello, and I hope this finds you with a smile on your face and a dream in your heart. The blog
seems to be coming along great and it is very obvious that blogging is just one of your many talents. I
would venture to say, in my opinion, that you just might be the world's expert on Seabuckthorn. At a
minimum, the happiest expert on the things that people care about. My favorite part is the recipes,
because they are the tastiest. My second is the absolute true belief that you share about seabuckthorn,
permaculture, whole systems design, and a strong will to make the world a better place for all of us. To
say I have jumped on your “Bandwagon” would be a huge understatement.

     I received my bar of jiovi soap, and I have to tell you that jiovi is almost as impressive as you.
This stuff smells amazing! Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of showering often, yuck I know, but
I do have the ability to use jiovi as a refreshing face wash with a bottle of water and wash cloth every
morning. It foams and lathers nicely, smells fantastic, wakes me up, and leaves me with a feeling of
happiness to start the day. That is a small miracle over here. As you know, this is my 11'th time to the
Middle East, and Afghanistan is one of the dustiest, dirtiest places on earth. You don't want to know
what particles are floating in the air from human nastiness being burned for heat. Any soap will get
you clean, but jiovi has the added ability of taking me to a happy imaginative place in my mind, even if
only for a few seconds. I haven't used it for anything but a face wash and beard conditioner, but I'm
sure it would work great as a shaving soap or exfoliator. It would probably work wonders also for
smearing into your mustache, so you don't have to smell your un-showered buddies next to you. I am
also very impressed with the logo and label. I know you have been working on that for the entire
length of our friendship, and I must say that the effort was worth it. And the slogan “Do you Jiovi” is
fun. I took the label, super glued it to a piece of velcro, and jiovi'd. I included a picture and I hope you
like it.

     I have also been working on the Ecovillage/Educational Farm idea for Maine. I have decided
on the name Valhalla Village. Valhalla is the word the vikings used for Heaven. I don't want to
elaborate too much more here because I could type for days. But if you would like to know more about
it, check out the forum posts I put on I am hoping to find more people who would be
interested in this kind of thing. Fun and Freedom are my only requirements. Here is the link.
Okay my most amazing, motivating, crazy, cool, farmer dude. I hope this brightens your day
and keeps you smiling. Cheers! Always be dreaming!
-Craig (DOC)
P.S. "To the women of our land and the ships of our sea's, May the latter be well Captained and the
first well manned!"
See you in Valhalla!

India: Can Sea Buckthorn help arthritis go away?

The answer seem to be yes.  In 2005 at the Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences in Delhi, India published an interesting article which had the wisdom of nine scientists.   This Defense Institute has received a significant amount of funding over the years to study various benefits of the Hippophae rhamoides (seaberry) plant.  Much of their research has been to discover new ways to improve the health of people in challenging situations.  
Here is a summary of work done in 2005 and recently available to the general public in summary form. 
Anti-inflammatory activity of Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) leaves.
Immune response activity in animals was evaluated after Seabuckthorn leaf extract was used in a utilized in an inflamed leg of the subject animal. Sea Buckthorn leaf extract was administered to treat the inflammation. The extent of inflammation was evaluated by clinical analysis. 28 days after creation of the inflammation,  
The study revealed cellular immunosuppression during the early phase of the disease. Administration of SBT extract on the same day or 5 days prior to inflammatory insult into the joint, significantly reduced the inflammation as compared to the untreated animals, These observations suggest that the Sea Buckthorn leaf extract has a significant anti-inflammatory activity and has the potential for the treatment of arthritis.  

Germany:  Commercial Sea Buckthorn Harvester from Kranemann of Germany

This machine looks a little tough on the plants but in a large commercial operation it works.  Pneumatic scissors cut the branches and load them into the storage area

Cut branches are transferred to a larger wagon.

The branches are flash frozen.
This machine separates the frozen berries from the branches.

The frozen berries after being separated from the branches. 

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