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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sea Buckthorn Buds in the Spring

Five Horizons of Appreciation!

All around me I am thankful for the new warmth of the air and land.  The fifth horizon, the one of stars and skies and of friends and contemplation are gaining strength as well.  I would like to share an update on Craig, my friend and who is very often a boatload of inspiration.  Sadly he is away, half way around the world continuing to do some very important work. With technology being what it is today, communication is quite easy.  His help is immeasurably important, motivating, and diverse.  When you read this Craig let it be another reminder of how lucky we both are and how very much you are missed.  

Sea Buckthorn Spring Buds

Some time ago Mont-Echo answered a question for me about Sea Buckthorn buds.  I asked if there was anyway to tell the sex of a plant by the winter buds.  She said that often, but not always, the male buds are larger.  I did some observation on the plants I have here in Mansfield and it seems to have proven to be true. The buds haven't fully matured yet, but yes, the plants with the larger buds over the winter seem to be developing the signature male flower "purses".  The female plants do not show any signs of flowers yet and that is understandable.   Even fully flowering buds are nearly invisible.  They are very small.  
Here are a few photos I took today.
Male spring buds with round "purse-like" flowers (unopened)
Taken same day, different plant.  Buds on female Sea Buckthorn


Another potential female plant
This one is sort of inbetween looking, I vote for female.  Close up below.

Male Seaberry buds in very early Spring.

Himalayan Seeds

I was very lucky recently to obtain some seaberry seeds from the Himalayas.  I have just planted some and will update as they germinate!

Plant Sales:

Plant sales have been very good.  The next ship date is April 19th.  I am offering a big discount to readers of this blog.  Free shipping the prices ranging from $5.00/plant to $6.00 per plant depending on the number ordered. Prior sales excluded and this sale requires a minimum purchase.   
Also Available:
  • Sea Buckthorn seeds (limited quantity until new shipment arrives)
  • Parsley, Hamburg Rooted seeds
  • Yellowhorn Seeds
  • Ground Cherry Seeds (very limited quantity)
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil Soap - popular and very good stuff.
  • More permaculture, sustainable seed varieties coming very soon.  
All these are available by clicking the link on the right.  

A Couple of Other Thank You's

Doug Wallace left a nice comment recently.  I hope to review his work soon, but in the meantime visit The Gaia Health Blog  it has lots of great information.  
I also want to thank Carl from Quebec.  I hope we can work together promoting the value of Seabuckthorn in both our countries!

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