Thursday, March 6, 2014

Where can I buy Seaberry or Sea Buckthorn Plants?

Seabuckthorn Plant Buying Guide - Our Plants available here

I am going to try my best to list the available places and types of Sea Buckthorn plants for sale from many places.  Hippophae rhamnoides plants (seaberry) are in fairly high demand.  The companies listed below tend to sell out.  So if you choose to purchase from one of them, it is a good idea to make your choices and place your order as soon as possible.  

Types of Plants

Unsexed - Sea Buckthorn plants are either male or female.  Determining their sex can only be accomplished by observing their blossoms or the fruit (if it is a female plant)  These plants are generally, but not always less expensive since you are not certain which sex or the proportion of male vs. female plants you receive.  These plants have been propagated from seed, not from cuttings and are generally more vigorous and the survival rate is higher once you get them home and planted in your garden. (Hippophae rhamnoides L. subsp. sinensis)

Suppliers of Unsexed Seabuckthorn Plants - 

  1. Right here!  :-)  On the sidebar to the right, I have a link for plant sales from Foxgreen Farms.  These are the same plants which I have talked about for the last 100 posts here on this blog.  What I can tell you is that they are tough and beautiful plants.   I have purchased hundreds of dollars of varietal plants and have not had anywhere near the survival success with those.  The downside, of course, is that not knowing whether you have a male or female Sea Buckthorn plant until they flower so,  (sometime between the 2nd to 3rd year after planting), it will be a source of mystery and anticipation.  The upside is that they are more likely to grow.  
  2. Whole Systems Design was selling some unsexed plants and here is the link  Right now they have wine cap mushroom spore for sale and I do not see any seabuckthorn plants.  That could change so check it out.  They were previously for sale for @$26.00 each.
  3. Burnt Ridge Nursery - Unsexed Sea Berry Seedlings are being sold for $6.00-$8.00 each with shipping starting at $16.50
  4. Fedco Trees in Waterville, Maine has had them in the past too.  Right now they are out of stock and I do not know when they may have more.  The link to their sea buckthorn seedling page is 
Sexed and maybe Varietal Sea Buckthorn Plants
Since you need a male and female plant to produce berries it is a good idea to plant a few unsexed plants or buy known genders from one of the following suppliers.  Sexed plants are propagated from rooted cuttings of known plants.  

Suppliers of Sexed  Seabuckthorn Plants-
  1. Raintree Nursery -  Raintree has 4 varieties of female Seaberries available and 1 male variety.  The females are Askola, Golden Sweet, Leikora, and Titan.  The prices range from $21.50 to $24.50/plant.  Shipping starts at $14.95.
  2. Burnt Ridge Nursery- has sexed plants too.  They offer Garden's Gift and Golden Sweet varieties of hippophae rhamnoides.  Prices start at $13.50.  Shipping starts at $16.50.
  3. Direct Gardening- Has one variety for sale, Leikora.  The price is $12.99.  Shipping starts at $9.99.
  4. Honeyberry USA  - They have 2 varieties.  Star of Altai (sold out) and Russian Orange.  Prices start at $20.00/plant and shipping starts at $15-$20 depending on location and number of plants.  I was hoping to see them offer Autumn Gold Sea Buckthorn plants this year.  Maybe they do in Canada?
  5. One Green World - These guys/gals have the most choice of sea buckthorn varieties I have seen on the internet for sale.  The varieties are: Askola, Botanica, Frugana, Garden's Gift, Golden Sweet, Hergo, and Leikora.  They have a male seaberry plant for sale too, as do most of the places listed here.  Prices start at $21.95 and shipping starts at $12.95
  6. Jung-  Has Leikora for sale.  Price starts at 21.95 and shipping varies.
  7. Vermont Edible Landscapes has plants for sale, you would have to contact them to discover the details.  Better yet, if you live within driving distance, call Meghan and talk to her about visiting.
  8. Richters Herbs- (Canada but ships to US too)  Use the search box and enter Seabuckthorn.  The plants they have for sale indicate "Sold Out" They may get more, I don't know. 
Please comment or send me an email and I will add additional sources for Sea Buckthorn plants when I find out about them.  
One last sales pitch for the plants I have for sale.  They are the best buy around and the best quality for unsexed, non-varietal plants.  I planted nearly 500 of them last year and there was almost zero loss of plants. An amazing thing since I expected a 20 percent loss (reportedly normal).  Good shopping!


  1. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for the mention. If you're passing through Vermont please do stop in for a visit. Meg - Vermont Edible Landscapes.

    1. Jeepers, I thought I published your nice comment last week, but just saw it didn't. In any case, thank you too and all the best with your work at Vermont Edible Landscapes. I will definitely be in touch if I or myself and Craig are in the area or even make a special trip just to see you and how you are navigating the farm voyage. If you want and feel it would be something that is worth your time, you are welcome to do a guest post here on this blog. Same for Teal Farm, and Whole Systems if they ever wanted too. I will tell you from where I am in in Maine to Vermont, well "you can't get theya from heya" Not really, but I am far enough north that the closes east-west highway is hours south. My point is that it is a trip and one which I certainly want to take you up on. I'll inquire if the timing works out that Craig and I can come. He is working overseas right now. There are lots of electronic ways to make the world smaller but I hope, and wait not-so-easily for his return. -- Tom

    2. Oh yes, same for you, If you are in the Bangor area (we are about an hour and half north of there). Please come and visit.

  2. Les Jardins de Hatley : Canadian Supplier for sexed Sea Buctkthorn plants in North-Hatley (Québec)
    German varieties availables right now : 4,000 sexed plants, 1, 2 & 3 yrs old
    Varieties : Leikora, Hergo, Males : Pollmix and Lord
    Fall 2014: Female Habego (Orange Energy)
    Website :,/

  3. When do you plan to sell more plants?

  4. Hi Robert - I will be selling them again next spring. My best estimate is that I will have about 1000 available for sale. They went fairly quickly this past spring. Very soon I am going to establish a reservation type system so they can be reserved and ship dates requested. This should work out pretty good, especially with the ship dates. --Thanks for the question.

    1. Hello again! Not sure you will automatically get this post but I am selling plants again right now for spring delivery. They were very popular last year and I expect that will continue. I had about 1000 and they all sold. I am not sure exactly how many more than the 1000 I will have this year so I am encouraging pre-order reservations. At the top of the page there is a link and one one the right sidebar you can click on to find the details. Glad to update you. Thanks - Tom

  5. Hello!
    Anyone looking for healthy young Seabuckthorn varietals in Canada may contact me at
    Our varietals include; Sunny, Mary, Gold Rain, Tatiana and our pollinator; Lord. All will be ready for spring 2015
    Our Seabuckthorn cultivars have very few thorns and produce large juicy berries perfect for comestibles. Sold as bare root and in 1 gal. pots. For ore information on us and our products, please visit our website