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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seaberry Sleuthing the Archives

What did they have to say?

One of the earliest mentions I have found so far in "western" literature occurred in 1563.  This is the year the French changed the start of the new year from Easter to January 1st. 
Hippophae is mentioned on page 476.  I have tried to translate from old Spanish to modern English and I will tell you that is hard. The highlights I can determine with some degree of confidence are:
  • "born" in sandy, marine places
  • has thin leaves like the olive
  • fruit is full of sour juice
  • purges of angry moods and makes a calming effect (see next)
  • used in making mead - fermented honey and water.
  • "purifies" ulcers
Hope you enjoyed this bit of Sea Buckthorn history.  

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