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Friday, December 20, 2013

Sea Buckthorn - How it Works

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These Will Be the Year

I have focused mainly on the cultivation of Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) for the last few years and I will continue to do just that.  As the winter has set in, I would like to share some other things on occasion. The health benefits of Sea Buckthorn and my plans for the agroecology, resilient, and sustainable wilderness farm in Seboeis Plantation, Maine.  The next few years will be critical to this experiment.  Sea Buckthorn in the United States is not widely known and large markets have not been developed.  One of the reasons for this is the plant requires 3-5 years of growth before fruiting.  Another is that once the plants produce there isn't an established market to sell them.  These are not walls, just challenges and I believe very strongly the health and environmental benefits of Hippophae rhamnoides will win the day.  If you have read along this far, thank for coming along for the ride with me! More

Where can I get Sea Buckthorn Juice Now?

Last January I reviewed a couple of brands of Sea Buckthorn juice. (reviews)  In my opinion Genesis Today's 100% Sea Buckthorn Juice wins hands down.   In advance of my own berry harvests,I  drink lots of it myself.  If you are interested in purchasing some, I have arranged with a $5.00 off coupon on anything they sell but I suggest you use it to try, or get more Sea Buckthorn Juice.  The link is .  In the upper right hand corner you will see your cart, click on that and the coupon will already be applied.  Look up Genesis Today and today's price is $31.26/quart (-$5.00) and your cost would be $26.26/quart.  That is about half the cost if you were to buy it at Whole Foods.  There is also free shipping for orders over $49.00.  Full disclosure- I recieve a $5.00 credit for each coupon used.  Bottom line, it still is the least expensive place to buy the best available Sea Buckthorn Juice. 

Omega-7 from Sea Buckthorn

Can I buy other Sea Buckthorn Products Now?

Yes you can.  There are multiple places on the internet to find Sea Buckthorn products.  The banner advertisement  above is from and excellent Canadian company.  They have offered you, through this blog 15% off your order.   Foxgreen Farm and my experiment here does receive compensation for the referrals.  I have considered very carefully whether to offer products on this blog.  I have decided it is a good thing to pass on information on great products with great value.  Here is a tip to maximize the value at this website.
This product is approved by Health Canada as Natural Health Product, NPN number 80026512.
This 50ml bottle of Sea Buckthorn Oil is on sale.  With the 50% off sale and the 15% off coupon code 710658, you can purchase 3 bottles for less than 15.00 per bottle delivered.  Shipping and the 15% off coupon code applies to total sale of $50.00 or more. 
Thank you everyone for reading and I love the nice comments many people have taken the time to write.  Best Holiday wishes to everyone!

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