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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Seven Sea Buckthorns

What will seven Sea Buckthorn plants do for you?  They will be of extraordinary benefit to you and your family.  Interestingly, They may also just help save a good chunk of the earth's ecosystem.
When planting these plants in your garden or as a hedge in a more urban area, there should be at least one male plant per seven plants.  These, assuming all but one is female, should produce approximately 66 kg or 145 lbs of fruit per year when fully mature.  They will also provide you with an endless supply of nutrient packed green tea.  The plants live for decades. Once they are producing, you would have a life long supply of important nutrients from the earth rather than the supermarket or pharmacy.
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Farm and Camp Update

I arrived last night very late.  Deep in the woods here nothing is perceptible on a cloudy, moonless night. Without light, holding your hand in front of your eyes is a confirmation much perception is light dependant.  

I added two soil amendments to the hundreds of plants in the Seaberry orchard.
Azomite contains micro nutrients.  Specifically- calcium, Potash, magnesium, chlorine, and sodium.  I will have to look up the benefit of chlorine and sodium to plants.  They are, however, micro nutrients.

I also added some rock phoshate.  Some of the leaves on the plants last summer had a bit of yellowing.  This may have been the result offirst year transplant ing or some missing nutrients.  If it was the latter, this will give them what they need.

Most of the leaves have dropped off for the winter.  Judging from the buds forming for next year, all but one seem to be alive.  The expected loss was 80 out the 440 plants.  This has not happened yet.  The next big hurdle will be next spring after the winter dormancy.  
Mont Echo, a hippophae (SeaBuckthorn) orchard in Quebec, CA generously told me that larger buds forming for next year tend to indicate male hippophae rhamnoides and smaller buds-female plants.  I will test this out and report back next spring.

Larger Sea Buckthorn buds.

Smaller Sea Buckthorn fall buds.

The newly planted pear trees seem to be very tasty to moose. The peach tree was not touched.  Just planted a red delicious an a crab apple.  Hope they aren't a favorite of the moose here.  Even though the pear trees were rather heavily browsed, the result was a fairly decent pruning which shouldn't adversely affect the tree over the long haul.

There will be nearly 1000 plants for sale this year.  They are 2 year bare root and field grown.  Check back very soon for ordering details.  On the top of this page there is a link for seed/plant sales.  Seeds are available still. This may change. Sales have been brisk and the Malaysian Gov't has inquired.  Not sure how many they might want.  Next supply will not be ready until April 2014.

I will end with a photo of an ice moon I just took this morning at 2am.  It is 29 degrees and the wood stove is warming things up nicely.

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