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Friday, October 18, 2013

Firsts and Lasts

Great Dane Update

My new neighbors up here in the woods are forging forward with their plans to be here in the woods.  It is a tough thing to do and they would likely agree.  The attraction of wild places and nature is none-the-less compelling and they will surely succeed.  A short time ago I posted a photo of their Great Danes visiting.
Great news!  They have a babies announcement!  the dalmatian colored female has given birth to a group of puppies.
2 day old Great Dane Puppies

I wish I could express well enough my best wishes both to this new canine family and especially to their owners.  Good luck, good luck.

Still Looking

My search for another Sea Buckthorn orchard in the United States has not revealed any in existence.  I suspect there are others and they remain hidden to me.  Yet, there are plenty of people in the US are growing Seaberries for personal use or as an integral part of their sustainable farm concept.  I would like to let you know about a few gems out there and encourage you to visit their websites or the farms themselves.

From their website:
Teal Farm is a future-looking farm, ecological preserve,
and residence seeking to prototype perpetual food, building,
and energy systems that are responsive to climate change,
fluctuating energy supplies, and a shifting global economy.

Teal Farm's master plan was created by Whole System's Design which I will describe more in a moment.  This master plan is full of interesting information, forty four pages long and a model of well thought out planning for a sustainable human environment.  You can find it on their website or directly by clicking here -

Teal Farm has many Sea Buckthorn plants and they were beautiful this year.

Teal Farm is for sale.  I am not sure why one would sell paradise - the link is on their front page.  The following video sums up this great place.

Whole Systems Design LLC.  Whole Human Habitats - Website    Facebook -

Ben Falk is the wizard behind the curtain there at Whole Systems Design.  They focus on regenerative, and resilient systems for human habitation.  Recently a photographer from a magazine contacted me after reading my seaberry blog wanting me to send him some seaberry branches with berries for an upcoming photo shoot.  I do not have any mature enough to have berries so Ben was helpful and agreed to try to help him out.  I expect that went well.  Ben has authored a book.  Hopefully it is the first of many entitled The Resilient Farm and Homestead.  I have read it and recommend it to anyone who loves gardening and wishes to gain more knowledge.  The book is so much more than just gardening, as the title states, current and those working towards planning a resilient homstead should take notice and buy the book.  For example: Who knew rice could be grown in Vermont? Find out how from Ben.  The book is available from many outlets including the Whole Systems Design website.  Ben also has a knack for photography and video production.  Hope you enjoy this firm overview.

Back here at Foxgreen Farm - Facebook -

You may have noticed, I have added a Plant Panel page.  It lists the plants here at the Maine location.  
Recent additions are: Ayers Pear, Keiffer Pear, Elberta Peach, and Egyptian Onions.

planted uphill from Sea Buckthorn Field
Egyptian Onions
Weather and age took its toll on this cedar rail on the Cabin.  It had been on its last legs for some time so it was time for a replacement.  Cedar trees are found in the area so I harvested a few, peeled the bark from them and let them age a few months.  The results were worth the effort.  

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