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Friday, September 20, 2013

Sea Buckthorn Art Photos and Painting

Sea-buckthorn and melon
Sea-Buckthorn and Melon
Painting courtesy of Vitaly Shchukin on Flicker 
link to this and many other wonderful watercolors of various subjects -

Sea Buckthorn courtesy of Umbrella Shot link -

From Olri  link-

Original painting by Gill Barron

By AnotherGravity

Lastly, this is a photo I have been aware of for a while.  It is described as depicting an Ancient Sea Buckthorn Forest.  Nyima, leader of Chomo Village in Cona County of Lhoka Prefecture introduced:" In ancient time, Tibetans started to protect the Sea Buckthorn forest, which had been called as "La xin"(the plants with souls in Tibetan). At present, the Sea Buckthorn forest is not open to tourists. I hope in future, the fruits of Sea Buckthorn could bring profits for local Tibetans."

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