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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sea Buckthorn from Seed

News:  Last month new information came out suggesting the extract of leaves from Sea Buckthorn may have properties as a food preservative!  The full article link follows.  Studies like this could help move this plant and its products from a more specialty market to a commodity.  Future farmers of Sea Buckthorn would benefit greatly should such uses become mainstream.

Antimicrobial activity of seed, pomace and leaf extracts
of sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) against
foodborne and food spoilage pathogens--Link to full research paper

These Sea Buckthorn plants in Mansfield, Massachusetts were just seeds about 4 years ago.  Now they range from 4 to 7 feet tall.  My expectation is they will flower next year

Very different than the "wild" planting in Seboeis Maine, this little field of Sea Buckthorn is in suburban Boston.
Even though there are no berries yet, Sea Buckthorn herbal tea can be made from simply drying the leaves and steeping them in some hot water.  They make a very good "green tea".

I will have have an update from Maine soon.  
Below is a graphical representation of the current plantings (at the Maine location) of Sea Buckthorn, Saskatoon, Hazelnut, and Cherry.  There are a couple of plum trees as well I need to add.  My biggest fear with the seaberries was hot and dry weather.  That hasn't been the weather in Maine or Massachusetts.  Maine has had the wettest June on record and flash flood warnings have been common.  I will soon see whether so much rain has been protective of the new plantings or not. 

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