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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The 365 Mile Seabuckthorn Seedling Transport Transplant

Welcome Back!
You are visitor number  50,242 .  Wow! More than 1000 more since August 25th.  I should crawl around in the woods up here, sneaking up on a bear to show you all a cool video just to make your visit worth it. You'll have to settle for Some American Wild Turkeys. They cooperated for a photo before they reconsidered the limelight. 

Lucky for me my amateur Seabuckthorn farming is just as interesting :-)

During the last week there have been visitors to this blog from the USA, Canada,Mongolia,United Kingdom, Greece, Netherlands, Romania, Denmark, and Mauritius. A map might help those visitors see the distance the plants traveled this past week.

Last Thursday morning I packed up some of the Seaberry seedlings planted this spring and transported them to Seboeis, Maine.  The plastic lunch bag style pots I had transplanted the seedlings into worked well. The transplant shock was much less than if I had tried to remove them from the ground and move them in a more bare-root manner.

The cantaloupe boxes held four to five plants and help protect them during the trip.  

There were thirty nine plant in all.  Good news is the trip, with this protection went well and the plants seemed no worse for wear.  The new field in Maine is doing well.  The grasses and clover are coming along so the soil will be stabilized before winter.  Without those plants, rain and next spring's snow melt would wash away most of the topsoil I was so careful to preserve. 

If you are wondering about the climate here in central Maine and here is a good graphic of the temperature and precipitation averages.

Lucky for me, a few neighbors helped me do the planting.  Two of the nice things of having neighbors here in the woods is that they live miles away and are always helpful.  One quipped, "Oh, I thought you were turning the place into a cemetery."  Woods humor....  I told him it was going to be a Minature Golf course.
Seabuckthorn plants loaded into ATV trailer

Healthy root system developed in pots.
Plants in ground on second day without visible wilting from transplanting.
Photo from Cabin showing placement and how much more room is available.

Seems like a small planting and I suppose it is.  At an expected yield of 11-15 pounds per plant and an assumption of 60% female distribution optimistic), in a few years these plants should be giving between 250 and 351 pounds of fruit.  I've learned to temper my expectations, but one can still plan in one's mind.

Miss Lolly from Florida writes:
Dude, you are the coolest.  I wanna do just what you are doing.  

Miss Lolly--
Not sure if Florida is the best place for Seabuckthorn.  I have heard of someone in Texas growing some plants with success.  He has to take care that the plants have enough water and must use shade cloth over the plants in the summer or they will cook.

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