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Friday, July 20, 2012

One handed Seaberry .......

About a year ago while in the wilderness of central Maine where that part of my Seabuckthorn experiment "lives",   I tripped while hauling a water hose, fell backwards, and my wrist was fractured.  The past year of trying to recover had variable results.  I chose to undergo a surgical repair- a Sauve-Kapandji operation.  The operation was performed and I believe the pain and limitation of the damaged joint will be history with time.  For now, I am inspired by those who have greater challenges and succeed beautifully. To Wes and Bill, thanks for your help and work in Seboeis, Maine.  Thanks to Brendan for being a huge help here in Massachusetts.

The direct seeded plants in Maine are doing wonderful! 

seeds planted May 2012

same seedlings early July 2012
The weather temperatures have been hot (70°-95° F.  21°-32° C) daytime and night temps routinely are in the 50's (10° C).  There has been frequent rain from summer thunderstorms.

Seabuckthorn Orchard/Field Development Continues

Most of the field has been cleared of stumps.  Care was taken to conserve the topsoil and a combination of oats, turnip, clovers, orchard grass, rye grass, and triticale was planted.  The multiple plant types should increase the chances of a successful field establishment and encourage wildlife to consume and deposit manure onto the newly established orchard area.

I tested soil fertility and Ph and was encouraged by the results.  A follow-up test with a more sophisticated tool will be done to confirm.
Ph  @6.8

Fertility looks good

NEXT: Mansfield Update

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