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Monday, May 21, 2012

Seabuckthorn Videos - Info and Growing Insights

Planting a Seabuckthorn Orchard in Mongolia
Seabuckthorn is being used in many places as a new crop opportunity.  This is especially true in areas where it is hoped the fruit will provide agricultural income to areas where income is scarce and inhospitable to most agricultural activities.  This video was filmed in Mongolia.  It is a short 3 minutes long.  What caught my attention is the plants which are being placed into the ground have almost no root system and most interestingly are planted with what looks to be 50% of the plant buried.  I'll have to try this.  It may be the answer to some of the purchased plant difficulties I have had. (approx 25% loss).  The orchard layout is instructive as well.

Seabuckthorn Production Video
Great video from a company producing juice.  It is one of the best summaries I have seen.  I especially like the view of the nursery.

Seabuckthorn / Sanddorn Frugana Video Profile
Nice profile of the Frugana variety.  These two videos have a nice comparison of Frugana seeds, immature fruit, and ready to pick.

Processing of Seabuckthorn Berries with Seeds
-Very interesting and informative even without  the the specific, technical details.

A peek into a Romanian "Miracle Fruit" Company
Miracle Fruit is the title of the video.  It is worth mentioning again that while I am aware of the nutrition in Seabuckthorn berries, this blog is about exploring growing and eating.  I'll leave the health information to others for the time being.

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