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Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Seaberry / Seabuckthorn Planting

Can it be done?  Can you plant seabuckthorn seeds directly in the garden late in the growing season?  Well, like a lot of things in this blog.  The answer is "Experiment!"  So, yes, you absolutely can plant them directly into the garden soil late in the season.  Will they survive is the real question and this is the report so far.

Late September I planted seeds in two locations in New England.  One set was in Mansfield Massachusetts and the other in Seboeis Plantation, Maine.  The locations are different in many ways.  The strongest difference is the Maine location climate has longer, colder, and generally snowier winters.  Both locations seeds sprouted and look well.  The Massachusetts location plants had a little more damage by insect or other critters than the Maine seedlings, but both look healthy.  Maine's plants are, at the time if these photographs, about 6 weeks old and already had experienced temperatures as low as 18 and as high as 82 degrees Fahrenheit .  The higher temperature occurring during the 6th  week, ironically.
Mansfield Massachusetts fall Seaberry Seedlings
Age: 17 days - notice various growth rates. (click to enlarge, then "show original")

Seboeis Plantation Maine Seedlings
Age 34 days - similar variation in growth.  Some seeds not germinated and still looking healthy.  Will they sprout before hard winter or stay viable until spring? (click to enlarge, then "show original")

Seboeis Maine Seedlings - Larger View
Explore the larger image, once you have clicked on it, in a few instances damage to the seedling growth point is generating very early stages of branching (click to enlarge, then "show original")

Ďakujeme vám za návštevu blogu rakytníkový!

1 comment:

  1. It looks good so far. I got some seeds about 1 year ago and finally planted them. Doing so per instruction which was complicated. Now I wish I saved some and just try growing them in the ground.

    Good luck with these seedlings.