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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seaberry / Sea Buckthorn Propagation 2011

While I somewhat patiently await the arrival of spring, planning and action is moving ahead for the 2011 season.  I have included an offering for sale of sea buckthorn seeds.  The seeds are pre-cold stratified and have an impressive germination rate.  It has been nearly 100%! The most recent trial is pictured here.

2011 Seabuckthorn Seedling Germination Trial

Seabuckthorn propagation can be accomplished in other ways as well, but propagation from seed is relatively simple and can produce a large number of plants compared with other methods such as hardwood or softwood cuttings.  There are a few recommended ways to handle the seeds found online.  Cold stratification is often advised so the seeds I am offering for sale are pre-cold stratified.  (kept at cold temperatures for >30 days) Store any unused Seaberry seeds in the plastic bag provided and place in your  refrigerator.  Seed viability, while decreasing year to year, should still be impressive for up to 3 years. 
Last year I had no problem with the very young seedlings.  Once transplanted into the garden, I was guilty of not providing enough water during a dry spell and the mortality was high. Not surprisingly, water management is key to Sea Buckthorn seedling success.  Too much while starting indoors in flats promotes disease and too little out of doors stresses the plant to the breaking point.  Having said that, water requirements for the Sea Bucktorn seedlings is not difficult, simply moderation combined with common sense.

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