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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Sea Buckthorn / Sea Berry Varieties in Development

Canada still seems to be the center of Sea Buckthorn research in the western hemisphere.  Can America add to the knowledge base over time?  I hope this will be true.  This man obtained Sea Buckthorn seed from a Siberian Researcher a number of years ago.  After growing upwards of 1000 seedlings, he has culled the plants to less than 10% of those original seedlings, retaining those with the best qualities.  He hopes to register new Sea Buckthorn varieties.  I can only hope my experiment has as successful an outcome!
Тханкс  фор виситинг мы сия буцктхорн блог !

The Saskatoon Farm in Alberta has a nice website.  They offer bushes, fruit trees, berries, and some unusual varieties.  You may want to call to see if they ship to your location.   Their distribution area seems limited with Western Canada their primary market.

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