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Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Planning for Sea Buckthorn 2011 Season - Seeds, Plants, Dreams

Sea Buckthorn / Sea Berry Seeds!
The New England region in the United States has, so far, experienced a snowy season.  Shoveling, plowing, salting walkways etc has taken up more time than I can recall compared to recent years.  The silver lining is the sea buckthorn plants in the ground for their first winter here have a cozy layer of snow over them.  Protected from extreme cold changes and especially the winter winds should increase their winter survival chances.  This spring I will be looking expectantly for the first sign of growth.  Emergent buds will be a cause for celebration.  This winter and into the spring I  am trying more seedlings and some different methods of germination.  Last year worked very well until the transplant into the garden and my error not understanding the level of their fragility after transplant.  Details to follow here on some new techniques.
Please take Note: the sale of seeds at the top of the page are from me and not some internet unknown source.  They are of Chinese origin and marketed to the nursery trade early in the supply chain process.  Similar to my questions on the sea buckthorn seeds from Lithuania, the specific variety is unknown.  Close inspection of the morphology of the seeds suggest a closer relationship to the Silva 94 variety from Turkish / Greek Sea Buckthorn seeds.  If you want to try starting some plants yourself, buy some today and get started with the benefits of  Sea Bucktorn in your garden!

I have had this video bookmarked for some time.  It is a great visual of a successful Sea Buckthorn orchard and its operation.  It gives me inspiration and reminds me of the excitement of my amateur baby steps.  Surely there is a faster way to establish an orchard ( plants being so expensive and limited in the US this may not be easy at all).  Please enjoy the video.

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