Monday, January 31, 2011

Sea Buckthorn / Sea Berry Research tool for plants and information

Update: I continue to scan the world from my laptop for the latest information on seabucktorn.  And.....this year's seedlings are poking their cotyledon leaves above the soil.

New: Not surprising to most of the visitors to this site, this plant has many variations of the common name for Hippophae rhamnoides.  These variations can be both be a challenge and a great benefit in finding new information on this healthy and environmentally valuable plant.  If you want do do some of your own information hunting, try using the search terms at the bottom of this post.  Since you would be searching  the sea buckthorn plant's name in different languages, you may have to use a web page translator to read it in your language.   Visitors to this blog are from every continent and dozens of languages, so I suspect translation tools are commonly used.  

The most frequent visitor countries interested in Hippophae rhamoides L. are: (in decending order)
United States, Canada, Greece, South Korea, Slovenia, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Mongolia, and Romania.

Welcome to you all!

Try searching these common name variations -  I will as well and post some of the highlights I discover.  

Hippophae Rhamnoides L.- 
SYNONYM(S) : Hippophae angustifolia, Hippophae littoralis, Hippophae rhamnoideum, Hippophae sibirica, Hippophae stourdziana 

Hippophae Rhamnoides L. - 
Various languages:
CHINESE : 沙子刺, 海鼠李, 海莓果

CZECK:  rakytník úzkolistý

DUTCH : Duindoorn.

ENGLISH : Hippophae berry, Sallow thorn, Sallow-thorn berry , Sea buckthorn , Sea-buckthorn berry.

FINNISH : Tyrni, Tyrnimarja .

FRENCH : Argasse, Argouse , Argousier, Baie d' argousier , Baie d' hippophaé, Grisset.

GERMAN : Sanddorn , Seedorn.

ITALIAN : Spino merlo.

LAOTIAN : Dhar bu, Star bu.

PORTUGUESE : Espinheiro-marítimo (Brazil). 

ROMANIAN:  Cătină albă

SPANISH : Espino armarillo, Espino falso.
SWEDISH : Finbar, Havtorn.

DANISH : Havtorn , Klittorn ,Sandtidsel, Tindved.

Greek : ιπποφαές (thank you to Tuluba for providing)

Russian : Oблепиха (submitted by anonymous - Thank you!)

If there are other variations or languages you know of, please let us know in the comment section.


  1. congrats for your blog.
    Please don't forget that hippophae word came from the two ancient greek words hippo (horse) and phaes (sparkle).(aka great alexander used to feed his horse with this plant)
    So please add the greek word also : "ιπποφαές"


  2. In russian: Oблепиха

  3. In Mongolian; Чацаргана Chatsargana