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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baked Apples with Seabuckthorn

While my plants are not old enough to produce any fresh berries this year, my local Whole Foods is selling bottled juice which works great for this recipe.

Apples Baked with Sea-Buckthorn
5 apples
3/4 cup sea-buckthorn juice for syrup
 7-9 tbsp sugar for syrup
1/2 cup water
Carve the cores of the apples making conical hollow.
To make syrup, mix the sea-buckthorn juice out in separate bowl with one peeled cut up apple.
Add sugar and hot water into the buckthorn and apple and boil until softened.
Mash or puree the mixture to make seaberry apple puree.

Add sugar to the puree and coat the prepared apples putting a bit extra into the cored area.
Reserve some for finishing the apples after baking.
Place the apples on a baking pan with a little water added and braise until ready.

Coat with the prepared syrup when serving.
Adding a topping of chopped walnuts or almond would add a bit of crunch and some
great flavor.

I can think of lots of variations here, pies, crisp, etc.  The honey-citrus flavor of the
seaberrys would be a pleasant addition to lots of apple creations.
This recipe was inspired by one on a Russian website and the photo is
from the same site.
I have a question for those of you who have fresh berries on hand.  Does roasting
them in a shallow baking pan with a bit of sugar reduce the total sugar needed to
sweeten them?  I have an abundance of rhubarb and have found  chopping it into
pieces, sprinkling with sugar and baking until tender and a little dryer than ordinary
reduces the amount of sugar needed after baking to make for a delicious
sweet rhubarb sauce.  I am wondering if this would work well with sea buckthorn berries?

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