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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Frugana, Orange Energy, Titan, Orange Delight, Male, Golden Sweet, Leikora, and Sunny Seabuckthorn / Seaberry Orchard Experiment Update

Hello to everyone who visits this blog. The purchased plants and the seedlings which have been in the outdoor environment are growing well with one exception. The variety "Sunny" did not survive. It was essentially dead upon delivery and the nursery has agreed to replace it next spring.

  These are current, as of June 19,2010 photos of the plants.

Sunny Seabuckthorn (dead)

Golden Sweet Seabuckthorn

Male Seabuckthorn

Orange Energy

Titan Seabuckthorn

Unsexed Seabuckthorn Plant (purchased plant)

Orange DeLight Seabuckthorn

Frugana Seabuckthorn

Leikora Seabuckthorn

The plants are generally healthy.  There have been a couple of hours on a few days where the foliage has been droopy.  This shouldn't have been because of moisture problems, in fact, it seemed to coincide with a over abundance of rain.  Pests have not had a problem again.  The great suggestion to encourage bird activity was implemented and this may have had a significant effect.  There are Ash trees nearby which often are denuded by caterpillars, and I think these birds have helped those to a large degree.

Seaberry / Seabuckthorn Seedling Update
There have been few casualties since the transplant.  The following photo shows the 3-4 month old seedlings and while still small, look as robust as such a young plant can look.  This is surprising to me.  As you may have seen in the previous post, the root structure on the seedlings looked like they would have great stress upon transplant.
(these photos especially may be best viewed after clicking on them)

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