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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Transplanting Seaberry / Seabuckthorn Seedlings

The seedlings have faired well in the flats.  There have only been a few casulaties.  The growth has been slow but they seemed healthy.  They now have been hardened off outside, getting used to the full day sun and the breezes not encountered indoors.   The the garden has its insect and animal dangers.  Those together with the transplant shock makes me nervous.  The root system on these Seabuckthorn seedlings was not impressive.  There was a longish tap root with minimal, if any branching.  Even the utmost care in transplant must have damaged the very fragile roots. 
I used a knife to carefully remove the individual seedlings from their individual cells.

I was curious since there wasn't an ample root system observed to see what was there.  To find out I carefully washed the soil away from a seedling and ther was almost no root system!

A careful, close look does reveal very small hair roots which are not visible in the photo.
Now that they are planted and the soil has been inocculated with mychrorizzal bacteria my hope is the roots will get happy and grow.

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