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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seaberry / Seabuckthorn Pests

I have been at my property in Maine.  It turned out to be a lot of work as there was significant damage which occured over the winter.  That's been taken care of so it time for an update!

Here in my part of Massachusetts, the Winter Moth is a big problem.  I can tell you now one of the few pests which might bother seaberry /seabuckthorn plants is this Winter Moth caterpillar.

Winter Moth caterpillar^

This little eating machine may be small, but it has a BIG appetite.

damage caused by the Winter Moth^

I have use rotenone (wikipedia description) to control the little bugger.  There is some debate if rotenone is an organic control or not.  Since I want to practice organic methods, this natural substance seems to be a good method for severe infestations.  Insecticidal soap will be used to maintain the prevention of future appearances.

The seaberry seedlings are doing well.  Next post to update........

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