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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Are you ready for seabuckthorn wine?

Seabuckthorn was initially planted in Ladakh, India to stop soil erosion. The harsh climate in Ladakh which is at an elevation of 10,000-14,000 ft has long been cut off from India’s economic boom. The area, part of Kashmir, and very close to China was in need of a self-help initiative and seabuckthorn may now be a significant cash crop.

The berry which has high anti-oxidant properties is now being used as a prime ingredient in over 20 different edible and non-edible products. Seabuckthorn juices, anti-aging creams, and now wine have emerged from a small experiment where 33 women started in one room in their small village. The mash, leftover from pulp extraction, has advanced from being a waste product of production, to being used to make wines and as an ingredient in the liquor industry.

In 2007 the area was only using 5% of its potential for seabuckthorn production.

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