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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lithuanian Seeds arrival and Seaberry / Seabuckthorn Seedlings

The seeds arrived from Lithuania on March first.  Instructions for the germanation of Seaberry / Seabuckthorn seeds are varied to say the least.  The directions from OMC seeds instruct a process of stratification.  This is accompished by placing them in a moist enviornment at 40 degrees for three months.  Other information available suggests just planting them straight away.   As I have 400 seeds and didn't want to make a mistake with all of them at once.  I began by planting them in a seed starting mixture and keeping that cool for a week.  I then put them along side my other plants in a warm, sunny location and hoped for the best.  Ten days after the Seaberry seeds were in a warmer environment, they have begun to sprout!  I will next try to eliminate the week long cold period and report the results back here.  So far so good!
Seaberry / Seabuckthorn seed envelope as it arrived from Lithuania

400 Seaberry / Seabuckthorn seeds

Plant emergence 3/20/2010 (1 week cold (40 deg.) stratification + 10 days @ 60-70 deg.)

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  1. Hello, Just wondering how are you doing with these seeds? Any success?