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Friday, February 5, 2010

Plant delivery update

Yesterday I received a personal e-mail from the company I have ordered my plants from. I had requested delivery in the middle of March. They have advised me April will be the ship date to protect the plants from freezing in transit. I'm glad they are looking out for me and concerned about the best chances for success. The more I read about the use and benefits of this plant - and it's potential as a crop in the deforested parts of Maine, I am eager to get started. As in many rural agricultural endeavors, value added options are essential for profitability. The days of growing a vegetable or fruit, a ruminant or bird and expecting to wholesale it to a distributor are over. This does not apply to large corporate farming and, of course, this is why the smaller producers need to be more innovative. Take a minute or two and read this new article in the Journal of Northeast Agriculture about BlueBerry Bones. Click on the photo to bring you to this article.

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