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Sunday, February 7, 2010


1.It has been estimated that there is enough vitamin
C in the berries of the Sea Buckthorn plants of the
world to meet the dietary requirements of the entire
human population.
2.China designated its Sea Buckthorn sports drinks
?Shawikang? and ?Jianibao? as the official beverages
for its athletes at the Seoul Olympic games in
1988, and Russian cosmonauts also were supplied
with Sea Buckthorn beverages, to enhance their
health and resistance to stress. It has been claimed
that Sea Buckthorn was the first fruit juice in space!
3.Sea Buckthorn is reputed to have been the favored
food of Pegasus, the winged, flying horse of Greek
Mythology, commemorated by a large constellation
in the Northern Hemisphere.
4. ?Look around you, Gabrielle. Lush prairie. And
those bushes with orange berries? See them, on
those dunes? Sea Buckthorn. It grows wild here,
and the oil works wonders on horses.? ?Xena
(television?s Warrior Princess)

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